Oh Hey, I’m Marisa!

I am a long time and present Girl Scout.

A lover of the outdoors (and barely an expert).

And an avid traveler who has a hard time staying still.

The following blog is a compilation of the trails I’ve hiked, the places I have explored with friends and my life in between.

How did this all start?


I was an awkward 14 year old, pictured above, who made up her mind and decided to give nature a try. I signed up for Girl Scout camp, my second year, and chose a backpacking and canoeing program. I actually really psyched myself out and trained for months before hand by reading Kevin Callan books and going on incline #10 on the tredmill for 20 minutes a day. I loved the program and fell more in love with nature and camp.

I ended up going back to camp (as a camper and in a variety of staff positions) for eight more summers after that. Camp is intertwined in many aspects of my life. I met my boyfriend of five years there (yes, he was a Girl Scout, lol), made lifelong friends, one of whom I work across from, and its even made its way into my art (I graduated MICA with a BFA).

Now, I am currently working in an office with the Girl Scouts. In my free time, I like to backpack, camp, travel, and eat. Because of my unique experience, I felt like it was time to share to the world what exactly you can do as an adult with a Girl Scouting past/present and a BFA history.

While I’m obsessed with organization and planning, life to me can never be fully planned or prepared for. I hope you enjoy the ride of this blog, learn from my mistakes, and get inspired to do something that intimidates/excites you!

Just trying to live life out on the loose…